Because UCG is a specialty civil engineering firm, we are highly qualified in traffic engineering and transportation planning and bring vast experience in all areas.

Traffic Engineering Design

• Traffic Signal Design
• Signing and Pavement Marking Plans
• Street Lighting Design
• Temporary Traffic Control Plans

Traffic and Transportation Studies

• Traffic Impact Studies
• Short & Long Term Transportation Studies
• Site Circulation Studies
• Travel Time Studies
• Speed Zone Studies
• Radar Speed Surveys
• Ball Bank Studies
• Before and After Studies
• Parking Studies
• Sight Distance Evaluations
• Safe Route to School Plans
• Road Safety Assessments
• Crash Analysis
• Queue Analysis

ITS Planning and Design

• Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
• Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)
• Ramp Meters
• Detector Stations
• Five Existing Pump Stations
• Wrong Way Detection
• Signal Optimization
• Signal Timing

Traffic Data Collection

• Volume, Speed, and Classification Counts
• Turning Movement Counts
• Video Counts
• Radar Speed Data